This 2015-2016 season welcomes 17 new works !

There will be 3 evening and 2 matinee events to showcase these exciting scripts. Several of the chosen playwrights are new to AZWTC and we are delighted to present their works as well as our returning playwrights' plays. see the BUY TICKETS page.

November 3 -

CUSTOMER SERVICE by Lorraine Bousard - directed by Cat Hartmann
MOM AND DAD AT THE LESBIAN BAR by RC Contreras, directed by Layne Racowsky
HEROINE by Ami L. Verdugo, directed by Jenny Cohen-Sanchez
THE REAL STORY OF LOVE by JoAnna E. Larson, directed by Aimee Bennett
INTAKE by Tracy Payne Black, directed by Amber Ryan
ALONE AT LAST by Leslie Powell, directed by Danielle Lopez

November 4 -

THE LIST by Mary Caroline Rogers, directed by Wanda McHatton
AN ESPRESSO KIND OF GIRL by Sydney Flynn, directed by Daniela Crispo Talarico
BIRTHDAY GIRL by Megan A. O'Connor, directed by Joy Bingham Strimple
THE SLASHER by Jane Donnelly Cruickshank, directed by Bryanna N. Patrick
THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT by Pam Burris, directed by Katibelle Collins

November 5 -matinee

FORGET ME NOT by Amanda C Prahl, directed by Deborah Lee Hall

November 5 -evening

CLUELESSLY AUTOMATED by Bernadette LaMazza, directed by Kandyce Hughes
NIGHTSHIFT by Kristy M Westphal, directed by Nancy Brovelli Mercurio
THE MARRYING KIND by Barbara A. Atwood, directed by Carolyn Platt McBurney

November 6 -matinee

PAPA POPTART by Maia C. Tipton, directed by Cat Hartmann
DREAMS, GREED and SEA MONSTERS by Jamie E. Maletz, directed by Jamie E. Maletz




Curtain Up!

The Arizona Women's Theatre Company (AZWTC) produces contemporary plays by women playwrights. The company is entering its 10th season and is committed to producing work that reveals women's lives and documents women's experiences. As a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, AZWTC relies totally on volunteers and donations.